Yoga Wheel Ring Cork Wood ABS Blance Training

Yoga wheel is Excellent tools for rehabilitation, improving balance and body awareness and coordination.

Yoga wheel is used for a variety of physical therapy and sports,training applications.

Yoga wheel is the ultimate yoga prop to help you achieve your yoga goals. The wheel assists you in backbends or inversions, as it props the neck and shoulders and gives you stability.

Yoga wheel is perfect for releasing muscle tension after a long day, as well as to restore your back. Use it to alleviate back pain and reverse poor posture.

Item Details
Product name Yoga Wheel Ring Cork Wood ABS Blance Training
Material ABS+Cork Wood
Color Black
Size Diameter: 32cm Height:12.5cm
Style ABS Yoga Wheel
TYPE Yoga & Pilate
Samples Time 10-15 days for a customized one, 7-10 days for standard samples or random samples