Yoga Towel Anti-slip Quick-Dry Portable Easy Washing

When you do yoga exercise, there will be perspiration on the yoga mat making people feel uncomfortable. Yoga towel can absorb the perspiration. 100% micro fiber cotton can keep bacteria away. Anti slip silicon of back side can help yoga exercise, keep balance and massage. Easy and safe use to relax body.

The amount and speed of sweat absorbing for microfiber is 100 times than ordinary cotton. And 4 times durable as ordinary cotton. Soft hand feeling, No pilling, no lint and no bad smell.

It is washable after you put the towel on the yoga mat. Extend the useful life of yoga mat.

Item Details
Product name Yoga Towel Anti-slip Quick-Dry Portable Easy Washing
Material Microfiber Fabric
Color Pink;Light Pink;Green;Light Blue;Blue;Orange;Purple
Size L:183cm; W:63cm; or customized
Style Microfiber Fabric Yoga Towel
TYPE Yoga & Pilate
Samples Time 10-15 days for a customized one, 7-10 days for standard samples or random samples